This page contains information for educators, K-12 STEM programs and school administrators. If you would like more information please contact us directly. 

Space Tributes is putting a one-unit cube satellite into orbit followed by a two unit cube satellite - and growing as we continue to expand.  Our first cube satellite will have approximately 1/4 of the space available for us to donate at no cost to a research or educational institution looking to conduct research in orbit.  Further satellites will require approximately the same amount of interior space to complete our mission, yet the amount of room we can donate will grow exponentially with our satellites. 

This donation is not part of our K-12 STEM cube satellite partnership.  This is in addition to that program.  If you have been trying to get research done in orbit, but the cost is just too high... then get ahold of us and put your experiment on our satellite for free.  

Everything we do here is funded by your purchase of one of our Space Tributes.  Help us usher in the age of Space exploration by giving someone you love a Space Tribute


Cube Satellite Build & Launch Educational Partnership information

Space Tributes wants to promote Space Exploration and STEM education to all students, world-wide.  We want to inspire the next generation of students and help make the future better for everyone.

If you would like your K-12 school or other educational program to participate in this partnership, here is some information:

Upon accepting your school or program into our partnership, we will provide you with a Dremel 3d45 3D printer and filament material so you can start learning and using the 3D printer in-class. 

Space Tributes will pay for the entire launch and all costs associated with building the functional satellite.

If having students build satellites is not cool enough, we are planning to purchase tickets on the Zero-G "vomit comet" in order to test the satellite in a zero-g environment before launch to orbit.  *We expect to pick one student and a chaperone to attend and participate in this testing procedure.* At that time Space Tributes will cover the entire cost of this testing procedure as well. 


Program Responsibilities:

  • Establish and demonstrate a dedicated work area and responsible handling of sophisticated equipment.  

  • Assist in development of our cube satellite related curriculum which will be used on future missions to help streamline the learning process for all. 

  • Your program will assist in fundraising efforts until the cube satellite is ready for launch.  The school / program will receive 50% of the amount sold during scheduled fundraising events and 33.3% during non-scheduled events. 

    • Our hope is that schools will use this fundraising effort to ensure all student participants are able to travel to and attend the actual launch at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL.