Have you ever struggled to find the perfect gift? 

Do you want to give something from the heart? 

Give your perfect bride and groom something that, until now, has never been offered! 


You can have both of their names laser inscribed onto a metal plate that is inserted into our Satellite and launched to outer space onboard a Space X Falcon 9 rocket!!

You, the bride and groom will become a participant in the greatest leap of human technological evolution: Our leap into the space-age!

Upon purchase we will make and immediately send out: 

  • 2 Space Tributes. Destination: Low Earth Orbit via the International Space Station
  • 2 Beautifully designed Space Tribute Boarding Pass Certificates
  • 2 Personalized letters congratulating them on the big day.


Limited spots on the satellite remain. Get yours ASAP. 


This satellite will be sent to the International Space Station onboard a Space X Falcon 9 Rocket. The Satellite, located inside the Cargo Dragon Capsule, will rendezvous with astronauts living on station. Those astronauts will then personally deploy this satellite into its own retrograde orbit. They will take high definition pictures and video of the deployment into space which we will make available to each of you upon receipt from NASA.


This satellite will be fully trackable on our website and all official satellite tracking apps.

Wedding Tributes

T-shirt Size
Size for second shirt
  • If you would like to include a picture on this tribute, please send that picture to GroundCrew@spacetributes.com 

    On the subject line, please include the purchasers full name.