We are attempting to build a satellite that will be sent to orbit by SpaceX.  We are laser inscribing names onto our satellite and selling them for $5 each in an effort to raise the funds to get our satellite into orbit!


We will be putting an amateur radio transmitter onto the satellite and transmitting [all] the names once in orbit. With the proper ground equipment - you will be able to hear your name transmitted.  (Pending successful approval from the Federal Communications Commission)


This is our first Prototype satellite.  Once we successfully reach orbit we will begin adopting a program which will take our business model and provide school children around the world the chance to build their own satellite and put it into orbit! 

Come to orbit with us and lets make history! 


If you send us a photo for the tribute and / or include a personalized message we will make sure that they are all included on the onboard microchip as well as the included laser inscription.  

Have a loved ones name laser inscribed onto our satellite!

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  • If you would like a picture to be added to your individual tributes, please send the picture to us via email.  You can reach us at GroundCrew@SpaceTributes.com 
    If you have multiple purchases please make sure we can distinguish who is in each picture via email instructions. 


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