Just in time for the holidays!!! 


Never before have you been able to give someone a gift that was literally out of this world.   Now you can buy a Space Tribute and have the name of someone you love sent to orbit earth.  

When you buy a Space Tribute we will immediately send out a personalized letter both congratulating and explaining to them what Space Tributes is and the details of their tribute satellite.  
We will also send out a beautifully designed boarding pass certificate that they can hang up and display on their wall.  


While in orbit, Space Tributes is planning to have each name transmitted over amateur radio frequencies around earth.  Anyone with a handheld radio will be able to pick up these transmissions.  

This beautiful package combines the benefits of receiving a gift today with the anticipation and preparation of launching a rocket to orbit! 


Everyone who makes a Space Tribute purchase will get a personalized invitation from us to see the launch live near Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  


This satellite will be sent to the International Space Station onboard a Space X Falcon 9 Rocket. The Satellite, located inside the Cargo Dragon Capsule, will rendezvous with astronauts living on station. Those astronauts will then personally deploy this satellite into its own retrograde orbit. They will take high definition pictures and video of the deployment into space which we will make available to each of you upon receipt from NASA.


This satellite will be fully trackable on our website and all official satellite tracking apps.

Satellite Name Inscription

Add on's
  • We will provide the launch date when we receive it from the launch provider.  We will secure our spot on the rocket after we have 4,000 Tributes on our satellite.  We are nearly 40% of the way there, so your Tribute helps!  

    See you in orbit