Since the early 60s, there has been nothing cooler than space travel!  Fast forward to Christmas 2019 and you have students building educational satellites which double as auxilary emergency communication satellites.  
Now you can give someone the gift of inspiration as you have their name sent to orbit on a student-built satellite.  
We will send out this amazing, beautiful certificate upon purchase.  JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! 

Amazing for any space enthusiast. 


This satellite will be sent to the International Space Station onboard a Space X Falcon 9 Rocket. The Satellite, located inside the Cargo Dragon Capsule, will rendezvous with astronauts living on station. Those astronauts will then personally deploy this satellite into its own retrograde orbit. They will take high definition pictures and video of the deployment into space which we will make available to each of you upon receipt from NASA.


This satellite will be fully trackable on our website and all official satellite tracking apps.

Souvenir Boarding Pass Certificate

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