There is no better way to honor a loved one who has passed away.  

Our company is the first ever company that specifically builds Tribute satellites.  Each tribute is built not by us, but by students in our program who are looking to gain experience in the aerospace industry.  

We will laser inscribe the name of someone who has passed away onto a metal plate that gets inserted into our satellite.  That satellite is sent to the International Space Station onboard a Space X rocket.  
Astronauts onboard will deploy that satellite into a retrograde orbit. 

The Astronauts will take high definition video and pictures of the deployment and provide them to us.  In retrun, we will send all content to each of you.
The satellite itself will be trackable on our website as well as a phone app currently in development.

The memorial tributes will be displayed on all our social media as well as our website and the phone app.  

Each recipient of a Memorial Space Tribute will receive: 

  • 1 Space Tribute. Destination: Low Earth Orbit via the International Space Station
  • 1 Beautifully designed Space Tribute Boarding Pass Memorial Certificate
  • I personalized letter to the purchaser. 


Limited spots on the satellite remain. Get yours ASAP. 

Memorial Tribute Gift Package