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Remember to keep looking up.  There is an entire universe above you! 


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Eddie D. Bryant


Jason Yorgensen is the CFO for Space Tributes.  A partnership forged in the heat of battle, Eddie and Jason have been best friends since their time in Iraq together.  
Jason holds a Masters Degree and currently works in Management for Wells Fargo.


Chief Financial Officer

Jason Yorgensen


Hunter Keith recently relocated from southern Michigan.  She has been with the Space Tributes team from the beginning.  
Hunter currently works as the Office Manager and will likely be the person you talk with.  
She holds a degree in marketing and remains integral to our operations. 


Office Manager

Hunter Keith

Q: Do you launch the satellite yourself?  

A: No, we will partner with launch providers and we will be part of a ride share mission. This will typically put us in the dragon cargo capsule of a Space X Falcon 9 rocket. We build the satellites and communicate with them after they're in orbit. 

Q: What is the benefit of a cube satellite?

A: In days past, it would cost 10s or 100's of millions of dollars to put a satellite into orbit.  Today, we can do it for far far less.  Thanks to inexpensive costs, we can put simple to make satellites into space without too much risk.


Q: What about space debris issues? 
A: NASA loves it when you deploy a satellite from the International Space Station.  Why? Because at that altitude, it is low enough to experience atmospheric drag.  Thanks to that drag, our satellites will de-orbit naturally within 1 year.  This usually happens sooner.

Q: When are you purchasing the ticket? 

A: We are purchasing the ticket when we have 4,000 Tributes on our satellite.  As of August 26, 2019 we have 1,547.

Q: How often do you anticipate putting a satellite into orbit? 

A: We forsee doing 1 satellite per year starting in 2020.

Q: Who is actually building the satellites? 

A: Each of our satellites are meant to give students hands on experience in the aerospace industry.  As such, we pick a brand new school or STEM related after school program to build each satellite.  We provide all the training, equipment and cover all costs. 

Q: What do we get right now for our purchase?

A: As soon as you complete your Tribute purchase, we will make and send out a beautiful boarding pass certificate to be framed, and a personalized letter.  The inscription onto the satellite will happen in increments of 50 tributes at a time.  

Not bad for $25

Thank you for taking the time to come visit our page.


My name is Eddie Bryant and I am the Founder and CEO of Space Tributes.

I started Space Tributes thanks to my passion of space exploration. However, upon further reflection, it was more than that; through Space Tributes, I have found a way to promote space exploration and give students the inspiration and confidence needed to excel in everything they do.
Many students grow up hearing and thinking they can do anything... become anything. The reality for most students is that they feel like certain things in this world are just beyond them. They don't give up hope, but they never reach their full potential.


Imagine a student who has the bug of curiosity getting the opportunity at a young age to see the exciting potential that STEM education brings.  Imagine that student building a satellite that is put into orbit.  What could that student accomplish? What confidence would they have? It would quite literally change the face of our planet if we were able to reach enough students.
They will have the confidence of a giant! Science will have been made real. Their future will forever be changed.    

They will forever be looking up dreaming of going back to the place they first went in school.  Space!  


We need your help if we are to continue to make it.


Your tribute will orbit earth for 6-8 months before ending its life as a shooting star burning up in the atmosphere!


Very romantic and poetic.

Eddie Bryant, Founder & CEO 
Space Tributes 


Office location: 3280 NC 69 
Suite 3
Hayesville, NC 28904


Office Phone: 828-222-0408


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