'Tis the season of SPACE EXPLORATION! 

Get your Holiday gift here, today!  

We are a revolutionary company offering you the best gift of the season. 


At Space Tributes, we laser inscribe your name onto an educational satellite that will be built by students and sent to outer space. 


The satellite will be fully trackable on our website and each name listed will be transmitted via amateur radio from the Satellite.  Anyone with an antenna pointed to the sky will hear your name sent out from space!


Our Space Tribute packages include a personalized letter to each recipient as well as a souvenir boarding pass certificate that looks amazing on any wall. 


Each Tribute purchase helps fund this educational satellite. We secure our spot on the rocket and receive an official launch date once we have sold 4,000 Tributes.  We currently have 1,573 on our satellite.  Help us get to 4,000! 


For the person who has 'everything'... give them a Space Tribute!


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