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When you look up... look up at your tribute satellite! 


Space Tributes is the brain child of our CEO, Eddie Bryant.  The idea is simple: 
We take a 3D printed cube satellite and layer the inside with dozens of ultra thin aluminum metal plates.  These metal plates will have the name of each supporter laser inscribed onto the surface as depicted in our various pictures.


This tribute satellite will be sent to low earth orbit where it will travel around the world once every 90 minutes from an altitude of ~250 miles traveling more than 17,500mph. 

a thank you message from outer space!

This satellite will carry a radio transmitter onboard which will have one simple task:
After deployment into low earth orbit (L.E.O.) our radio will transmit a "thank you" message to everyone on our satellite and then begin to transmit the names of each of our supporters on the satellite.  This signal will be receivable by a good portion of the human population as long as they have a tunable radio and a proper antenna.

Our Ride: A SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket!

Riding in the Dragon Cargo Capsule to the I.S.S.!

Our current objective is to have SpaceX launch our satellite to the International Space Station (I.S.S.) onboard the Dragon Cargo Capsule located on top of a Falcon 9 Rocket!  Once onboard the I.S.S., astronauts will deploy the satellite into a retrograde orbit from the I.S.S. and provide us with high-definition photos and video of the deployment.  We will then share that with everyone of you! 

Deployment of a satellite from the I.S.S. prevents unnecessary space hazard concerns such as space debris due to excessive satellite launches.  The I.S.S. orbits at an altitude of 250 miles above earth.  Our satellite being put into a retrograde orbit from the I.S.S.means it will have a lifespan of ~6-12 months.  Our satellite will poetically end its life burning up in our atmosphere as a "shooting star".

Retrograde Orbit

You're establishing a 'proof of concept'!!

You are helping us in establishing a proof of concept. 
Once we successfully show there is a product interest and that we can actively put a satellite into orbit we will start phase 2 of our business plan.  We plan to help the promotion of STEM education by expanding into the classroom.  Our goal is to launch one satellite every 12-18 months.  Each time we get enough names on our satellite we will pick a K-12 or STEM educational program to perform the entire build of our satellite. As we grow, so will our satellites and so will the amount of students that have become scientists because of your purchase today!

The cost to build and have this cube satellite sent to orbit is between $80,000 - $100,000.  We can fit 20,000 names onto the satellite along with the transmitter, antenna and battery. This is why we are asking $5 per name inscription. 

This is not an effort to make a huge profit, but an effort to push myself into a position to inspire as many people as possible.  We have virtually no overhead, so our plans are simply to continue fundraising until we have enough for the launch!


Join us on our way to orbit! We will provide pictures and video of the entire build process as we advance into outer space!

A simplistic approach...

**A very special thank you to the designer of our Prototype satellite** 

Check his work out on thingiverse under WillMaker.  We also recommend checking out his INSTAGRAM account