COVID-19 update

Our main source of full-time income as we built this company was the Private Astronomy Star Parties we hosted. 
Thanks to COVID-19 that method of income is no longer available to us.  We tried to ride out the virus but we simply don't have enough money put away.  

We have an inventory of shirts and other cool items of small value.  In an effort to make sure no one leaves with anything we will be giving away our inventory to all our customers on a first come first serve basis.  

When this mess is all over, perhaps like the Phoenix we will rise from the ashes and put many satellite into orbit.  

Please contact me directly with any questions at the "reach the CEO" tab at the bottom left of this website.

Thank you to our loyal customers. 

We still have access to our telescopes so perhaps a more specific astronomy business may come from this.  

Stay safe and I hope you and your family the best.

April 09, 2020

-Space Tributes Management Team

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