'Tis the season of SPACE EXPLORATION! 

Get your Holiday gift here, today!  

We are the first of our kind... and we are changing the world! 

With your help and patronage. 


At Space Tributes, we partner with underserved rural communities to help bring space exploration and emergency communication to those who need it the most.  

Through our innovative partnership approach to business and community outreach, students around the world will get the chance to build a satellite which will be sent to low-earth orbit.

We partner with K-12 schools and other educational programs as well as amateur radio groups to make this a reality for everyone involved.

This partnership gets students involved with STEM education and space exploration by allowing the students to actually build the educational & emergency communication cube satellites that will be put into orbit.


These satellites are sponsored by each one of our customers.  Each one of you!


  • Q: How can we help?: 

    • A: We sell the first ever Space Tributes gift packages! What is that you may ask?  Now - you can give someone the gift of Outer Space while changing the world and advancing space exploration.  If you purchase a Space Tribute gift package we will laser inscribe a name onto a metal plate that will be put into our satellite and launched into low earth orbit.  We need 4,000 tributes at a minimum to launch our student-built satellite.  


  • Q: What do I get as part of this package?:

    • A: Whomever is the recipient of one of our Space Tribute gift packages will receive (in the mail) a hard copy of our certificate which certifies that individuals name was added to our satellite which is destined for low-earth orbit by way of the International Space Station.  This certificate is meant to be framed and kept as a beautiful keepsake memento. 

    • A:You can personalize a message to the recipient which will be written on a letter personalized by us, for the recipient.  Say congratulations, happy birthday or I love you!  Then put it in Space! The messages will be included on the satellite via an onboard microchip. 

    • A: You will be able to follow the students as they progress on their build of the satellite. 

    • A: Before the launch we will be releasing a smartphone app which will track the satellite and alert you anytime it passes your location.  Each time the satellite passes your current location you will be able to see the people on our satellite, filtered by distance from your location.

  • Q: How does this satellite double as an emergency communication satellite? 

    • A: We are adding amateur radio technology to each satellite in order the help facilitate the development of amateur radio and satellite communication training programs within the public school system. 

    • A: Many communities do not have adequate emergency communication plans or equipment in place, so we are starting to work with schools around the United States to build high-quality conex boxes which will have the capabilities to communicate via HF, VHF and UHF on emergency power.

      • Once developed and constructed they will remain on premises of the local school.

      • These communication stations will allow students to develop amateur radio clubs around the United States and use them as they see fit.  

      • During the event of an emergency, we can activate our communication stations which will act as auxiliary emergency communication for any active emergency the local community may encounter. 

    • A: If requested by local emergency groups we can activate the satellite and have it used only to relay emergency communications between personnel. 


Our satellites cause no space debris.  They will be deployed from the ISS into a retrograde orbit and will naturally enter the earths atmosphere within a year, ending its life as a shooting star.  

A fine way to honor anyone.  An even finer way of memorializing a loved one.


For the person who has 'everything'... give them a Space Tribute!


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